Commercial Solar in Texas Saves Your Business Money

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Business Owners Benefit From Switching to Commercial Solar Texas

You may hear a lot of talk around town about switching to solar. As a business owner, you may have concluded that this is something best suited for residents around TX. But did you know that you can also benefit from switching to commercial solar in Texas?

One of your biggest business expenses is probably energy. Depending on the type of business you run, electricity is probably a major part of it. Wouldn't you like to have more control over your energy so that you can put more of your money back into your business? 

Let's talk about switching to solar! Call today to schedule a free consultation and get a free estimate on this critical business service in Texas. We serve many large metropolitan areas around Texas, including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth. 

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Why Choose Solar for Your Business?

Are you a business that's thinking about going green in TX? You've come to the right place! Businesses use a substantial amount of energy to operate.  As a result, they consume most of our non-renewable energy sources and add to the pollutants in the environment. Becoming an environmentally responsible company not only improves your reputation but also improves the environment. Here are some more reasons to consider going green with solar. 

  • It will drastically reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Your customers will be happy that your brand is environmentally conscious.
  • Your company will emit fewer greenhouse gases and reduce pollution in the local area. 
  • Utility costs may go down by upwards of 75 percent. 
  • Your cash flow will improve due to less money going toward energy bills. 
  • Like residential customers, you can also take advantage of local and federal incentives. 

There are so many reasons why businesses should make the switch to solar. 

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Incentives to Help with Commercial Solar in Texas

Have you heard the Federal government recently extended the solar incentive until 2032 and increased it to 30 percent? So, for nearly a decade, you will be able to take advantage of switching to solar for your business. While you do have plenty of time to decide, you shouldn't delay another moment by waiting. Not only are you continuing to add to pollution, but you are missing out on precious savings.

In addition to the federal tax incentive for solar, there are also other local incentives that businesses may be able to take advantage of if they live in certain parts of the state. Your city may have rebate programs that can help you save on your solar system once you install it. And don't forget that the biggest way you will save once you get commercial solar is by net metering. 

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How We Can Help You Get Started With Solar

For over a decade, Go Solar Energy Texas has helped businesses around the Lonestar state convert to solar energy. As a result of the switch, many companies have reduced their reliance on non-renewable energy sources and reduced their costs of running businesses. 

One of the most important ways that your business can benefit from commercial solar in Texas is to switch from traditional energy sources to solar. Making the switch will improve your reputation in the community and protect you from the rising rates of utilities.

Not only do businesses in urban areas benefit from solar, but so can agricultural businesses in rural areas. Farms can use a tremendous amount of energy to operate. Switching to solar can help reduce energy bills and improve the overall value of your farm. 

Want another way to improve the local community with commercial solar power? Consider starting your own commercial solar farm. Not only will you help the environment, but you can help provide solar energy to an enormous amount of residential and commercial customers and help power the future with clean energy.



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Residential Solar Services Throughout Texas

Did you know that we are also a great resource for those wanting residential solar? Throughout the major cities in Texas, we help residents find reputable solar programs so that they can take advantage of the federal and local tax incentives and rebates. Our solar partners will design and build the perfect solar system for you so that you can start benefiting from solar energy. We will also show you how you will start to save once your panels are installed through the process of net metering. Call today to learn more about solar energy. 

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