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Solar companies in San Antonio that are looking for the best way to provide solar energy to their customers look to us at Go Solar Energy Texas. It's because we've proven to be among the top solar companies in the state and the nation through the services we've provided to date.

Extensive education and training have given our contractors the ability to create solar energy for homes and businesses that is more than enough. If you're someone that's paying out too much on your utility bills each month, now is the time to call.

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See what our customers have to say:
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"Go Solar Texas is an excellent company to get all your solar needs met, no matter what your project is. We received a complete system to replace our electric bills and they did a superb job in designing, engineering and installing them."
- Ron W.
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On Top of Solar Companies in San Antonio - How Did We Get Here?

Up and coming solar companies in San Antonio ask us all the time, "how do you do it?" It wasn't easy becoming a solar system company, but when we started, we knew we would give it 110% of our focus and then some. Our crew does the training, educational classes, and research to ensure the solar energy we put in for our clients pays off.

It's not just slapping a few solar panels on a house and waiting to see what happens. We go through all the meticulous planning and details to make sure the investment that's being made will pay for itself and then some in a decent amount of time.

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Our Solar System Company in San Antonio Does it All!

Solar Panel Installation

Our solar energy company does solar panel installation that harnesses adequate solar energy to power the home or commercial building it's connected to. Ask to see some of our data. The numbers speak for themselves.

Solar Panel Designs

Your solar panel design will be completely different than your friends and neighbors and customized to your property and location. We include everything from sun exposure to the utility usage of the commercial building or home for guaranteed results.

Solar Energy Extras

Could you benefit from a solar battery? Do you need a solar inverter to make your solar energy system more efficient? If you're not sure, we will determine what, if any, additional features will help make your solar panel system perform better.

Why We're the Best Solar System Company in San Antonio


The cost of a solar panel system can be a bit intimidating at first. However, know that we cover everything we do with iron-clad warranties. If something doesn't work out quite right, you're not held responsible.


You're putting your time, effort, and property on the line when trusting solar panel companies in the San Antonio service area to assist you with the conversion. Customer care is number one to us, and your satisfaction is always 100% GUARANTEED.


Are you avoiding the idea of what our solar system company can do for you? You should know that we have plenty of solar incentives available to help pay for it. In addition, we offer special financing for clients that are interested in getting it done now.
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Go Solar Energy Texas - For A Better Future

Go Solar Energy Texas is your all-inclusive solar power company in Texas. We have your affordable, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solar solutions. .Call us at (469) 908-3833
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