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The federal government wants you to save on installing solar panels for your home or business. In 2022, you can take advantage of a tax credit for up to 26 percent off solar installation. However, in 2023, this tax credit will drop to 22 percent and may end entirely after 2023. Additionally, Austin wants to extend savings to you through its PV rebate incentives. Upon completing an education course on solar energy and choosing one of the qualifying solar companies in Austin TX, you could receive a rebate of $2,500. In addition, you may be eligible to get a property exemption on your solar installation.

With so many saving opportunities available to help with solar installation, why not make the switch today! Call us at Go Solar Energy Texas to learn more about the incentives and rebates you may qualify for and get a FREE quote on solar installation in Austin.

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"Go Solar Texas is an excellent company to get all your solar needs met, no matter what your project is. We received a complete system to replace our electric bills and they did a superb job in designing, engineering and installing them."
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One of the Most Trusted Solar Companies in Austin Maintains Your System

Most solar companies in Austin, are not a trusted local name in the community like our team members. Other top solar companies don't put the time and energy our solar energy contractors do.

If you're concerned about who will take care of your solar system once we install it, worry no more! The solar energy installation team at Go Solar Energy Texas provides more than just solar installation. We also clean your solar panels regularly to continue to get good reception and deliver quality savings. Additionally, we also maintain your system. So if you have trouble with your solar panels or the inverter doesn't seem to be operating optimally, we can fix the problem.

Do you have one of our solar panel systems and need us to perform routine maintenance on it? Contact us by calling the best solar system company in Austin today to get a FREE quote on scheduled maintenance and cleaning services.


Our Solar Power Company's Services

Solar Installation

As traditional energy prices continue to soar, solar installation is starting to look more appealing. Although you are still connected to the primary utility grid, your solar panels give you power through one of the most renewable energy resources in the world - the sun. So, while others continue to deal with fluctuating costs, you can keep your costs low with solar installation in Austin.

Solar Inverters

Without a solar inverter, your solar system won't be able to operate. An inverter is the control center for your solar panels. It is where DC (direct current) energy from the solar panels is converted to AC (alternating current) energy to power your appliances in your home. Solar panels and the solar inverter work hand-in-hand to provide you with energy from the sun. 

Solar Batteries

Did you know that even though you have solar power, your system can also go out when there is a power outage if you are using an on-grid system? To prevent being susceptible to power outages during and after a storm, consider getting a solar battery. These provide the backup you need to keep your electricity running, rain, or shine.

Why Choose Go Solar Energy Texas

Resourceful & Dependable

At Go Solar Energy Texas, we want our customers to know the latest developments in solar energy. Therefore, we ensure that we stay up-to-date on federal and local changes to solar power so that we can be the first to inform you about these changes. As a result, you can depend on us, one of the most trusted solar companies in Austin, to provide accurate, useful information on solar energy.

Superb Designs

Solar energy panel installation isn't a one-size-fits-all installation. Instead, each homeowner's panels are custom built to suit their needs. With each design we create, we ensure that customers will get the maximum benefit of solar energy that will last the lifetime of the solar panels. Additionally, we design panels that get the permits necessary for our teams to work with installing your system.

Simple Process

One thing you can count on with us is that you will have a seamless process. Once we complete your free consultation and determine the best design for your system, we submit the design for approval. Then, after the city approves the design, we immediately get to work installing your system so that you can start saving using your new solar energy system. Call the best solar company, Austin!
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Go Solar Energy Texas - For A Better Future

Go Solar Energy Texas is your all-inclusive solar power company in Texas. We have your affordable, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solar solutions. .Call us at (469) 908-3833
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