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We Install Solar Inverters in Texas

You may be wondering why you need solar inverters in Texas. When we install your solar panels, this is an additional part of the unit that we must install to make the entire system work. Solar inverters are like traditional breaker boxes. They are the heart of the power unit in your home.

When the sun hits your solar panels on your roof, the panels collect DC (direct current) energy that is then turned into AC (alternating current) energy. AC energy is the type of energy that powers all of your appliances and electronics in your home. Therefore, we must install both properly mounted solar panels and a well-functioning solar inverter so that you can continue to get service.

If you are having trouble with your solar inverter or need a new one, one of our technicians can come out and assist. Call today to schedule an appointment and get an estimate on this essential service.

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Why Your Solar Inverters in Texas Must Work Properly

Your solar panels may not work without a properly functioning solar inverter. If your inverter is not working, your entire system may not work. Or it may work but not provide you with the savings it should. Sometimes your solar inverter may fail because of a power outage. However, there are other reasons your solar inverter may not work.

  • Error codes displaying on the system
  • Worn out capacitors
  • Overload issues
  • Improper installation

Whatever the reason is your solar inverter isn't working, we can help! Call today to schedule one of our technicians to get your system back up and running properly. 

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Keep Your Inverter Working Properly To Avoid High Bills

Have you recently opened your electric bill and discovered that the bill is high? Using net metering, solar panels are supposed to help you save on monthly electric bills. But if you aren't saving as much as you used to when your system was installed, the problem could be with your solar panel inverter in Texas.

With net metering, the excess goes back to the power grid when your solar panels produce more than enough solar energy for your house to use. For your excess power, the electric company rewards you with credit on your bills which helps reduce the cost of your power bill. Unfortunately, if your inverter malfunctions, this process will not work effectively.

Have you noticed high electric bills? Your solar converter may be to blame. Schedule an appointment today so that we can ensure that your system is functioning correctly.

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Trust Our Team to Install Your Solar Inverters!

Sometimes there could be more than just your solar inverters going haywire with your solar system in Texas. This is why we encourage you to get solar maintenance annually to resolve any issues with your solar panels. Solar maintenance includes solar panel cleaning, bird and nest removal, parts check, and inverter inspection. Your solar panels are meant to last up to 25 years. Regular maintenance will help them last the lifetime of the warranty or longer.

Our team is made up of reputable solar representatives and solar installers in your area! Are you ready to get on the schedule for solar system installation? Call Go Solar Energy Texas today for a free estimate. Also, check out our solar blog for answers to other questions about your solar system design.



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Do You Need Help With Other Solar Services?

Our representatives are here to provide you with assistance for various solar services. If you need help finding a solar program, finding out about federal and local credits and rebates, or any other essential services for your solar system, call today!

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