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Getting Solar Panel Design in Texas

Solar panel installation is a process. First, it starts with solar panel design in Texas. We have to make sure that solar panels accommodate your curb appeal and fit properly on your roof. Additionally, we must ensure that the design receives maximum sunlight so that your system works perfectly throughout the year. So, we customize each of our solar designs. Once your design receives proper approvals from local authorities, we will install your panels on your home.

If you're ready for a residential solar panel design in Texas that is seamless and efficient, we can help! Contact Go Solar Energy Texas today to schedule a consultation and get a FREE quote.

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We Provide Proper Solar Racking To Ensure Your System Lasts

One of the most critical parts of solar panel installation is getting proper racking. Solar racking helps keep your panels in place on your roof for the lifetime of the solar system, which is about 25 years on average.

Choosing a company that knows how to properly install solar racks also minimizes damages to your roof and keeps your roof warranty intact. Our reliable contractors have spent decades perfecting our solar racking installation. This is why we have become one of the most trusted solar installation teams in Texas.

If you want to work with a company that has many years of experience properly installing solar racking for every solar panel system design, look no further than the experts at Go Solar Energy Texas! Call today to schedule your consultation and get a FREE quote on our solar services.

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What are Solar Inverters?

Your solar system is more than just the panels you see attached to your home's roof. While solar panels are necessary to receive the energy from the sun, solar inverters are critical to transforming solar energy into energy that is useful in your home.

When the energy comes from the sun and shines onto your solar panels, this energy that is created is DC (direct current) energy. However, most homes operate using AC (alternating current) energy. Your solar inverter converts DC to AC energy so that your electronics and appliances can work properly. The inverter is also one of the first places to check if you have problems with your solar energy system.

Are you ready to learn more about the components which make up your solar system? Call us today for more information and get your FREE quote on solar panel design in Texas.

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Will I Need Solar Batteries & Storage For My Solar System?

If you plan to get a grid-tied system, you won't need a solar battery to operate the system. Instead, your system will connect to the primary grid. You will receive credit from your electric company for the excess solar power your solar array system creates through a process called net-metering.

The drawback of a grid-tied system is that if there is a power outage in your neighborhood, you will experience it also. While having a battery for your solar system isn't necessary, it will help keep your lights on if there is a power outage.

Do you want to acquire a solar battery in Texas before you need one? Call us today to learn more about our solar batteries and get a FREE quote. Also, don't forget to check out our solar blog. We go over the basics of solar panel design for residential homes and commercial businesses.



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Our experts are adamant about providing you with the best solar installers available. Therefore, we help you discover the best solar program. Additionally, we help you determine how much your solar installation will cost. We also inform you of the tax credits and rebates available from the state and federal governments. For more information about how to go solar in TX, call for a FREE quote.

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