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Texas Solar Installers in Your Local Area for Speedy Service

The most dependable Texas solar installers can be found at Go Solar Energy Texas. How do we know? Because of the strict guidelines and standards we demand out of our solar panel technicians. We refuse to hire anyone that isn't just as passionate about Texas solar as we are. The professional that gets sent to your home has been carefully screened at background-checked for your peace of mind and safety.

Respect, honesty, and integrity are what we built our business brand on, and we are confident that each of our solar panel installation specialists upholds the same values. More than just a job, we're genuinely passionate about saving the planet and creating a more eco-friendly environment.

Are you ready to see what the Texas solar installers on our crew can do? There is no better time than the present to call. We will set up an in-home consultation to see if you're eligible for solar energy and find you a suitable, permanent solution.

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Texas Solar Installers are Safe, and TECL Approved by the TDLR

Home solar installation in Texas is difficult to comprehend, so why would we start throwing all these abbreviations at you? Do you think we're trying to confuse you even more? That's definitely not the objective, but we got your attention! 

In Texas, it's required by law to have a Texas Electrical Contractors License (TECL) issued by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation(TDLR). Other solar companies might try and get away with hiring someone that isn't certified, but you better believe we would NEVER make that mistake. When you're getting a solar service from one of our solar energy technicians, you can expect:

  • Education and assistance on solar incentives
  • Information on obtaining proper permitting 
  • Knowledge and guidelines for Texas solar codes and regulations
  • Complete solar design and installation!

We're a fully licensed and insured solar energy provider in Texas. There's no accident, damage, or injury that you'll ever be held responsible for when we're on location. Contact our solar installers in TX!

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Meet a Texas Solar Energy Technician with Real Integrity

People who work or deal with home improvement contractors will face an ordeal at some point in their lifetime. It's unfortunate, but for some reason, these companies think they can use their position to trick unsuspecting homeowners out of their hard-earned money. With the reasonable investment you're making in Texas solar, you don't want to be caught in one of these predicaments.

Go Solar Energy Texas is the one group of Texas solar installers that put you first. We keep you informed of everything that's taking place along the way. Moreover, the estimate we give you in the beginning is the amount you'll pay in the end. There are no hidden fees or additional charges tacked on at the end of your solar installation.

Unlike other solar power energy providers, we give you a detailed presentation of what's included with your solar panel design and service. After your solar system is activated and you get the informative tutorial from our educated technician, all you have to do is sit back and start reaping the benefits. Please don't wait to get on our increasingly busy schedule. Call today!

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Texas Solar Installers are Here to Help you Make the Switch to Solar!

You wouldn't go to a doctor that you haven't researched, and you would never walk into a salon for a haircut without asking to see the stylist's previous work. Solar in Texas for you and your family shouldn't be any different. We want you to take your time and decide what's most suitable for your situation. If working with another solar power provider is what you choose, we will accept that. However, to make your selection process a bit easier, it's only fair to know what you're getting from us!

  • Locally owned and operated for faster response times
  • 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE
  • FREE initial quotes
  • Comprehensive design, installation, and continued, lifelong service
  • Full licensing and insurance to protect you

If you're undecided about the solar energy technician in Texas you want at your home, we're ready to meet you. Reach out to us by phone and get started on your new solar system now.



See what our customers have to say:
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"Go Solar Texas is an excellent company to get all your solar needs met, no matter what your project is. We received a complete system to replace our electric bills and they did a superb job in designing, engineering and installing them."
- Ron W.

Our Texas Solar Panel Installers Are Ready to Go Solar in Texas with You!

Could you imagine a solar panel technician that didn't have a clue when it comes to your solar installation? Some companies will hire the rookies because they don't have to pay them as much. We don't believe in lowering our standards on quality and performance to save ourselves money. Instead, we hire the most experienced solar technicians around. You'll get the personal attention and dedication to the project you deserve to go solar in Texas. Call today.

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Go Solar Energy Texas is your all-inclusive solar power company in Texas. We have your affordable, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solar solutions. .Call us at (469) 908-3833
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