Is It Worth It To Get Solar Panels in Texas? (Homeowner Guide)

June 16, 2021

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Is it worth it to get solar panels in Texas? Despite their growing popularity, homeowners might still wonder if a solar power system is the right choice for their property, considering that solar panel installation can be a somewhat costly investment for some. It’s also a question to consider if you’re not sure how long you might stay in that home!

While only you can determine if solar is the right choice for your property, note some commonly asked questions about solar panel systems and how they operate, and why they’re becoming such a popular choice for homeowners. You can then discuss your choices with a solar installer near you and know you’ll make the best choice for your home!

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How Much Do You Save With Solar Panels in Texas?

Your solar panel savings will depend on how much power you consume on average, the quality and number of panels you choose, and how much sunlight those panels collect and convert. Most Texas homeowners can expect to save anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 on their energy costs over the lifetime of solar panel ownership, according to some estimates. 

The state’s sunny weather is one excellent reason to invest in solar panel installation in Texas! According to Nerd Wallet, cities in Texas are some of the sunniest in the United States, with sunshine accounting for more than 70% of their daily weather forecasts. As said, the more sunshine your solar panels receive, the more energy they can provide for your home.

The Life Expectancy of Solar Panels

One interesting consideration about solar power is that panels rarely “break down” after a certain amount of time. Instead, those panels simply lose efficiency over time, as they’re exposed to heat, air, and other elements. This loss of efficiency is called their degradation rate.

Most solar panels have about a 1% degradation rate, meaning they lose 1% efficiency every year. In turn, your solar panels might have lost 25% efficiency over 25 years, so that they’re only producing 75% of the power they did when first purchased.

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Some homeowners find that it’s better to invest in new panels after 25 to 30 years, to enjoy higher efficiency rates and more power produced by those panels. However, others might continue to use those older panels as long as they function, to save at least some money on their power bills and hold off on investing for new panels for as long as possible.

Are Texas Solar Panels Worth It If You Move?

Are solar panels for a Texas home worth it if you know that you might move sometime in the future? A homeowner should consider that solar panels are wired into a home’s electrical systems and typically connected to its circuit breaker box, so you do need to rely on the services of a pro for installation and removal. You can’t just “unplug” the panels at your old home and then plug them back in at your new house!

However, if you think you might move sometime in the future, ask a solar installer how much it might cost you to have panels you own removed from your current home and installed at your new property. You might be surprised to find that removal and installation costs are only a few hundred dollars or so, making the investment worth it even if you change residences sometime in the future!

Do Solar Panels Really Save the Environment?

When considering if solar panels in Texas are worth it, you might wonder if they actually do anything to save the environment, and how much a solar power system can reduce your overall “carbon footprint.” A homeowner should note that coal and fossil fuels are typically burned to produce electricity, so the less you rely on city-supplied power, the fewer emissions for which you’ll be responsible.

Investing in solar panels also means encouraging clean energy solutions in your neighborhood and overall. The more demand for solar panels, the more companies that will produce and sell those panels, and the more scientists that will invest in learning how to improve their efficiency.

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While you might not think that buying or leasing a few solar panels yourself will do much to save the environment, remember that your choice can encourage others to do the same. When your neighbors see the solar panels on your roof, they might start considering investing in solar for their property! You can also discuss the benefits of solar with friends, relatives, coworkers, and others, so even more consumers choose clean, green solar power for their property!

Go Solar Energy Texas is proud to offer this information to our readers and hopefully we’ve answered the question, is it worth it to get solar panels in Texas, with a resounding yes! If you’re in the state and are curious about solar systems for your home, turn to our trusted Texas solar panel installation contractors. We offer a wide range of panels sure to fit your home and budget. For more information, call us today!

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