How to Find the Right Solar Installer in Texas (Tips for Homeowners)

July 25, 2022

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Are you searching for a solar installer in Texas? If so, you’re certainly not alone! Solar power is quickly becoming one of the most popular green energy choices. Current incentives, including tax credits, make solar more affordable than ever before.

However, many homeowners find solar installation a bit confusing and overwhelming. Consequently, it’s vital that you find an installer whom you trust! To that end, check out some tips for choosing the right Texas solar installation company. In turn, you’ll end up with a reputable company and a solar array you’ll appreciate for years to come.

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How do you choose a solar installer in Texas?

While there is no “one size fits all” answer about choosing a solar installer in Texas, you might note a few suggestions. These tips help narrow down your options and ensure you find an installer you can trust.

First, ask the solar company how long they’ve been in business; choose a company with at least 3 years of experience. Second, check their reputation online with previous customers and eliminate any company with low ratings. Also, note if they’re upfront about work they’ll be doing on your property and answer your questions readily.

Next, you might consider any solar panel education and information they offer. A reputable solar installation company should be ready to educate consumers about solar panels and their operation. Additionally, the best companies offer a number of modules, to suit your power needs and budget.

Above all, never choose a company that seems to exaggerate solar panel benefits. Most homeowners can expect to save around $2000 on their energy costs over a 20-year period when they choose solar. Consequently, rethink a TX solar installer promising that you’ll save or even earn tens of thousands by choosing their solar panels.

What should I know before buying solar panels?

Before you buy solar panels, you might note some vital information about going solar. Then, discuss this information with your chosen Texan installer. He or she can answer any other questions you have and ensure you choose the right array for your property.

  • First, note that solar panel installation doesn’t necessarily means tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket, as said. However, many property owners choose solar because of its environmental benefits, not just cost savings! Solar panels help reduce fumes and emissions created by power plants, for a healthier environment overall.
  • Also, consider that a solar panel installation often increases property values. Investing in solar then allows you to build equity faster and sell your property for more money if you move.
  • Solar racking systems often need removal before roofers can perform reroofing. Consequently, solar installation contractors often recommend that property owners schedule needed roof repairs before going solar.
  • On the other hand, solar panels help protect roof from sun exposure and other damaging elements.
  • Additionally, note that not all solar panels are alike! Investing in those that produce more power translates into greater energy cost savings over time.
  • Also, remember that investing in solar doesn’t mean that you’re “off the grid.” Instead, a property remains connected to your local utility company. Then, electricity produced by those panels is sent back to the company which then credits you for that power.
  • Above all, remaining connected to your local utility company means that you’ll still have continuous power. You don’t need to worry about running out of power during wintertime, on cloudy days, and so on.

choosing a texas solar energy installer

How do I find a local solar installer in TX?

To find a local Texas solar installer, start with a basic internet search. Also, note that you don’t need to check just for local addresses and installers. One reason for this is that many solar installers work in more than one state! Two, solar brokers work with property owners in one area to find installers near them.

Additionally, you can check websites that list local contractors, including Thumbtack, Houzz, and Angi. These sites make it easier to find local solar installers without having to rely on just Google. Other clients can also usually leave reviews on these sites, so you can check their reputation.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask other property owners in your neighborhood about their installer! Very often, solar panel owners are happy to talk about their array. They can help narrow down your search and help you find the right company for your property.

Go Solar Energy Texas is happy to provide this information about a solar installer in Texas. We hope you found it helpful and informative! If you want to find out more, call our Texas solar installation contractors. We offer FREE consultations and expert installations. To get your property started, call us today.


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