Does Solar Energy Work in Texas? (What to Expect for Effectiveness)

August 29, 2022

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Solar energy for Texas properties is an excellent investment for both homes and commercial structures. Going solar means reducing your carbon footprint, investing in local jobs, and saving money on your utilities. Additionally, a solar installation often increases property values!

However, despite its popularity, some property owners still wonder if solar energy even works in Texas. Also, they might question if it’s worth the investment for their home or business. To help answer these issues, check out some vital information about solar energy in Texas. Then, discuss any added concerns about going solar in Texas with a solar panel installer near you!

How Solar Energy in Texas Works

Solar panels are not complicated; in truth, those panels don’t even have moving parts! First, sunlight interacts with semiconductor materials in those panels. Second, those materials free electrons in that solar energy.

Next, those electrons run in a direct current through an inverter. Lastly, that inverter interacts with the electrons to create alternating current, or the electricity used by most electronics and appliances. In most cases, power continues to travel back to your local utility provider.

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In turn, your home or business typically stays connected to the grid or a power provider. Your utility company then credits you for the solar power produced, for a reduced or eliminated electric bill. You might even receive a credit if those panels produce more power than your property consumes.

Do Solar Panels Work Well in Texas?

The short answer is yes, solar panels typically work well in Texas! One reason for this is that solar panels need sun exposure for their operation. As Texas cities typically enjoy well over 200 sunny days per year, your panels are sure to produce lots of energy.

However, it’s vital that property owners choose the best panels for their homes or business. Some lower-quality panels might be cheaper but not work as effectively as their counterparts. In turn, those panels might produce no more than 10% of your property’s needed power!

On the other hand, high-quality, dependable panels might produce some 40% or more of a property’s power needs. Also, note that a contractor should install those panels so that they tilt toward the sun as much as possible. Additionally, they might suggest removing obstacles such as tree branches. This service also ensures maximum sun exposure for those panels! Be sure to ask a lot of questions and be involved in the process for solar panel design when possible. The design of your solar panel system is one of the most important factors for effectiveness.

Solar Panels at Night & Usability

Solar panels work when exposed to sunlight. In turn, they don’t convert sunlight to usable electricity at night. Also, they’re far less effective on cloudy days; a property owner should also remove storm debris, dust, and the like. Keeping panels clean ensures maximum effectiveness.

However, note that solar panels don’t simply stop working on overcast days or when dusty and dirty. Instead, they simply absorb far less sunlight, creating less usable power. Also, your property’s connection to a local utility company ensures no interruption of electricity at night. As long as your local power company doesn’t experience any interruptions, your property will still enjoy electricity no matter the time of day or weather!

Is it Worth Going Solar in Texas?

Going solar in Texas is absolutely worth the investment! Solar energy doesn’t produce fumes, chemicals, pollutants, or irritants. Also, solar panels work silently and have needed little to no maintenance over the years.

Also, investing in solar can reduce your power bills by hundreds of dollars every year. You can typically expect to save several thousand dollars on energy costs over the life of solar panel ownership! Those panels also increase property values, typically by 4% or more. A solar array can also protect roof shingles and tiles from storm damage and premature breakdown.

Additionally, note that solar installation and panel recycling are both very labor-intensive industries. In turn, choosing solar means creating jobs for your neighbors and stimulating the local economy! Above all, there has never been a better time to go solar, as panel prices are dropping continuously. Moreover, tax credits and other incentives make going solar an excellent investment for everyone.

Go Solar Energy Texas is happy to provide this information about solar energy in Texas to our readers. Hopefully, you found it useful and interesting! If so, please share it with friends and family and on social media. Also, call our Texas solar installation contractors when you’re ready to find out about clean, green solar energy. We offer FREE consultations and use only the most durable and reliable solar components. To find out more, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact our customer care team today!


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