Average Cost for Texas Solar Panels: How Much Are They?

May 23, 2022

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How much are solar panels in Texas? Homeowners especially are often concerned about solar panel purchase and installation costs, and if they’re worth the investment. The good news is that solar panels are typically more affordable now than ever before!

Additionally, tax credits, manufacturer rebates, and other financial incentives all help lower your solar panel costs. These savings are in addition to the lower utility bills you’ll enjoy after a solar installation! To help you decide if solar is right for your property, check out some added information about solar panel installation in Texas.

How Much Are Solar Panels in Texas?

The average solar cost for homeowners in the state ranges from $11,400 to $15,400 with a median price of $13,450. This cost goes up for higher-quality panels that produce more power from trapped sunlight. Also, these costs do not take into account tax credits and other financial incentives. Above all, remember that Texas solar panel pricing changes over the years!

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Before you decide that solar panel installation isn’t worth the expense, you might consider some advantages to solar. First, note that homeowners often save over $16,000 on their energy bills over a 20-year period. Second, solar panels often increase property values by some 4% or more. In turn, you can see both your bank account and equity in your property grow from the use of a solar panel array.

Of course, many people choose solar for its environmental impact! While electricity is a clean energy source, power plants produce tons of fumes and emissions while providing power to homes and businesses. Switching to solar means reducing your overall “carbon footprint” and pollutants for which you’re responsible. You can also encourage your neighbors to go solar simply by having panels installed on your home.

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed to Power Your Home?

Most homes in the U.S. use about 10,000 kWh of power every year. An average solar panel provides about 250 watts of power. In turn, you might need anywhere from 28 to 34 panels or more to power your entire home.

However, most residential roofs don’t offer enough space for all these panels. Also, many homeowners don’t want to spend that much on their initial solar panel installation costs! Instead, your home might still connect to the local power grid through net metering. What is this program and how does it work to ensure your property has adequate power year-round?

With net metering, the local power company still provides electricity for your property. Your home’s meter records that power consumption. Next, power created by those solar panels travels back to the local power company. Your home’s meter also records that “negative” power generation.

In turn, your local utility company credits your monthly bill with the power produced by your panels. Consequently, you won’t experience blackouts if those panels don’t produce adequate power for your home! You also don’t need to invest in enough panels for all your home’s power needs, saving space and installation costs.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Most solar panels last for some 25 to 30 years before needing replacement. However, this doesn’t mean that those panels simply give out after that time! Solar panels have no moving parts, so they need little to no maintenance over the years. Also, without any moving parts, a solar panel’s inner workings don’t suffer much wear and tear over time.

Rather than simply wearing out and not working, solar panels lose efficiency as they age, usually at about 1% annually. In other words, a 10-year-old solar panel has probably lost 10% of its efficiency. In turn, it might now produce only 90% of the power it did when first manufactured.

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Knowing how solar panels lose efficiency over the years can help you better understand when they need replacing. A 30-year-old panel might be producing only 65% to 75% of the power new panels produce. Consequently, many homeowners decide to replace panels after that time even if they still function.

Go Solar Energy Texas is happy to help answer the question, how much are solar panels in Texas? We hope you found this information useful but remember that solar panel prices change over time. Also, tax credits and other financial incentives often have strict deadlines for solar installation! To ensure you don’t miss out on any such advantages, call our Texas solar panel installers today. We’ll schedule a FREE consultation and answer all your questions about going solar. To get your property started with clean, green solar power, call us right now!


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