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Set an example for your friends and neighbors by being the first to go solar in Texas! Reduce emissions, protect the environment, and watch your savings grow with our solar installation options.

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Federal solar tax incentives and regional Texas solar rebates make the idea of switching to solar simple. See if you're eligible now.
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Why Get Texas Solar Now?

With most of the world still operating on fossil fuels, there's no better time than now to switch to Texas solar renewable energy. Our mission is to help lower harmful emissions by doing as many installations of residential solar panels in Texas as possible.

Transferring your entire home to solar energy in Texas may make you slightly nervous, but you don't have to be. If you're not comfortable with completely entrusting your power to the sun's natural energy, we can start with just a few panels. Then, when you discover how incredibly it functions and how great you feel about your eco-friendly choice, we will come back and add more!

Start by calling to request your in-home consultation. Even if you're new to Texas solar concepts, we want to meet with you. We will spend time explaining how to go solar, when to go solar, solar capacity, and why to go solar now. We're the top-rated of solar companies in the Texas area. It's FREE, so what are you waiting for? Call today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth going solar in Texas?

The initial investment of a Texas new solar power system can seem out of reach. You have to think about it as a way to free up your funds for the future. Your system pays for itself over time in reduced or eliminated energy bills, and through some Texas solar programs, you can earn a little money too!

Can solar power in Texas be dangerous?

Texas solar power itself isn't dangerous. However, if you're interested in becoming a solar contractor, some hazards come with the job. Every technician must take the appropriate training and certification courses for safety.

How many people have gone solar in Texas?

With the wide-open spaces throughout Texas, solar energy installation has terrific growth potential. Currently, reports indicate that there are enough solar panels in the state to operate almost 650,000 homes, and we're ranked fourth in the nation in terms of current solar power capabilities.

Calculate Monthly Savings with Solar

Before entrusting your hard-earned money into solar energy in Texas, you deserve to know what you're paying for. More importantly, you want to be excited about what you'll save!

Please take a look at our solar savings calculator. We can help review some of the Texas solar programs available to you.
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Simple solar panel designs, installation, services & More

Texas Solar is Easy with Our Team

One concern our solar installers hear from customers wanting residential solar panels in Texas is that it's just involved to understand. You don't have to get frustrated with your new solar power system. We make installing solar panels stress-free, simple, and fun!

Residential Solar

Have you started noticing more of our residential solar in Texas? It's the alternative energy source of the future, and you don't want to be last in line. Find out how to reduce your carbon footprint and save money and call!

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar in Texas isn't a task that all solar companies can handle. We have the resources, manpower, and methods to efficiently perform the most complex solar panel design for your business.

No-Cost Solar Programs

Did you know that there are Texas solar programs out there that could pay for your entire solar panel installation? Discover more and see if you're eligible by scheduling an in-home consultation today!
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Our Texas Solar Process that Works!

The techniques we use to install solar panels in Texas are proven to be the most practical and budget-friendly around. Review our simple step-by-step go solar process and know what to expect when our solar contractors arrive. We'll also let you know about local incentives and financial incentives like the federal solar tax credit before we get started!

Step 1

Find a Texas Solar Installer

When you call Go Solar Energy Texas, our first responsibility is partnering you up with a local Texas solar energy installer. We work with the most dependable, and when we match you up with a contractor close to you, you can expect more time and attention on your project. The initial consultation includes determining if you qualify for solar power, how to take advantage of solar power programs and tax incentives, and what it costs to go solar at your Texas location.
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Step 2

Texas Solar Panel Design

Your home is unique in position, sun exposure, and roof pitch. Our Texas solar panel design professionals work meticulously to evaluate what will work best for your positioning as well as your financial situation. You have the opportunity to review everything we've developed and approve the Texas solar project before we move forward.
Step 3

Solar Panel Installation in Texas

Your solar panel installation in Texas is when you'll start noticing the real action take place. We schedule a time that's convenient for you, and we stick to it. During the solar connection, you will notice our qualified contractors safely use a combination of solar panels, solar racking, solar power inverters, and solar power batteries to engineer the most effective residential or commercial solar in Texas.
Step 4

Activating & Understanding Your System

After your Texas solar power system is completed, you will get to participate in the most impressive step in the process. The activation kicks things off, and then we walk you through every detail of how it operates, what you may have to do for maintenance, and signs to watch for that there's something wrong. Because we are a local solar company, we're always available to answer your questions and come and do an inspection if there's a problem. Harness the power of the sun!
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Texas Renewable Energy Solar Panels - It's Time to Make the Switch!

Save the planet, help your community, and increase your personal savings with Texas solar services that are GUARANTEED. Stop debating when to go solar in Texas. Make your positive impact on your future by scheduling an in-person or virtual complimentary consultation. Be sure to explore our informative Texas solar resources as well!

Texas Solar Incentives Are Waiting to be Claimed

There are several Texas solar rebates that you may qualify for, and the federal government is also willing to pay you to Go Solar in Texas!

You won't be left to navigate the confusing paperwork required to get your refund for solar power conversions when you choose us to do your installation. We will walk you through it all or help you with the specifics if you wish.

Get 26% of your initial cost back to you on your federal tax return this year when you act quickly. Our solar contractors in Texas are waiting for your call about local Texas solar incentives.

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Are You Interested in Solar Jobs, Training, & Certification?

Have you been debating on a career change? When looking for a job, the primary objective is selecting an industry that will be around for many years, and one that is expanding.

The solar power industry isn't going away. In fact, we suspect that the demand for well-trained, certified solar technicians is only going to increase. Currently, over 10,000 people are working in the solar field, and you could be next!

We're always willing to support anyone interested in becoming a part of our solar power team. Call the office, and we will provide you with the information you're missing to make your selection about your future.

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Stay Current with the Latest Solar News in Texas

Because the Texas solar industry is developing, there are always new methods, products, and news about the current happenings. We stay informed so that we can keep you informed.

Rest assured that we are one of Texas's solar power companies that continues our education and learning even after we've passed our Texas Electrical Contractors Licensing exam.

More than just a paycheck for us, we genuinely care about modern solar panel installation. The advantage for you that goes with our excitement in solar power interest is Texas's best solar power contractors assigned to your conversion.

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How Texas Solar Energy Works

Are you still wondering how Texas solar energy works? Arming yourself with as much knowledge on the topic as possible is the only way to make you completely content with your new solar energy system. 

  1. Solar panels are installed
  2. Residential and commercial solar panels absorb sunlight with photovoltaic cells
  3. Direct current (DC) is generated
  4. DC is converted to alternating current (AC) through solar inverters
  5. AC is sent to the home's electrical panel, where it flows to power throughout the property

That's it! Five easy steps to solar energy in Texas. We could go into more of the specifics if you want. Just call our office and ask to speak to one of our knowledgeable, highly-trained, and licensed solar power contractors.


A Local Solar Company in Texas Installing Solar Energy Systems in Your Area!

Why do you want a local solar company in Texas for your upcoming solar installation service? It's because we're capable of giving you time and personal attention that the nationwide solar providers don't. We're in the business of saving you money!

We're not going anywhere either, so if there's an issue down the road, you know we'll be here.

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Go Solar Texas - For a Brighter Future

Go Solar Energy Texas is the solar power company in Texas that cares about you, your family, and your future. Take control of your utility bills and enjoy the friendliest alternative energy option by making an appointment now!  Call us at (469) 908-3833.
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